Wedding Photos with NO REGRETS!

This afternoon I have had a couple in tears in my studio! I’m used to HAPPY tears but not heartbreak!They came to me for help, holding out hope that I could SAVE their terrible wedding photos and to cut a long story short I could NOT! This couple had hired a non professional and paid her £300. The prints provided to them were tiny and full of “pixilation” or “squares”, heads were cropped off, photos were out of focus, camera shake and huge chunks of the big day were completely missing. They were devastated.

I came home feeling quite helpless, upset and angry for them so I wanted to make sure no one else has the same disaster by writing a little blog about wedding photography.

If you are planning a wedding here are some important things to think about…

  1. Yes everyone has a phone or a camera and most do a fantastic job but does your Photographer or designated friend/family member have a creative eye? Does he/she know how to USE that fancy big camera?

  2. Fancy big cameras can produce WORSE results that small automatic cameras when in the wrong hands. File sizes can be set to be too tiny, manual modes mean the person has to know what they are doing otherwise shots can be blurred, too dark, etc & post processing can wreck digital files if over done. etc.

  3. You may be on a budget, that’s ok, but think about what is most important to you… Would it be better to spend more money on a Photographer than something else?

  4. Does your photographer have BACKUP!?                                                                                                                           A)What if your Photographer is taken ill or injured on the day? Does he/she have a replacement Photographer on hand?                                                                                                                                                            B) Do they have a 2nd camera, flash, lenses if one breaks on the day?                                                                                                                                                                     C) Spare Batteries – Loads of them                                                                                                                                         D) How do they back up their memory cards? 100s of your precious photos could be held on just one tiny card and cards can fail for a number of reasons and data be unrecoverable                                                                                                                                                               E)Does Your Photographer have insurance?

  5. After the wedding your photos are your lasting reminder! Flowers die, guests go home, those shoes may not even get worn again. Photography is important so its worth spending some time making sure you are confident about who takes your pics

  6. You must love their STYLE and see PROOF! Even if you go for a semi-pro or amateur who doesn’t have a website then make sure you see some examples of their work, preferably more than one wedding.

  7. See examples of a WHOLE Wedding Album. Photographers show you the BEST of their work on websites. To get a real idea of how they shoot you will need to see a gallery of one wedding from start to finish

  8. Do they have a Facebook Business page or Google My Business Page?

  9. Do they have any past customer reviews or recommendations?

  10. Meet your Photographer. All should do this free of charge in their studio or coffee shop for an informal chat. You  need to trust them and like them as a person, they will play a big part in your day

  11. Your Photographer should WANT to know all the details of your day such as your colour scheme, quirky things you have planned and the timings. The details you spend lots of time planning are the things your Photographer needs to be aware of and capturing

  12. Your Photographer should go to your venues and do a recce there before the big day to scout out a the best places to take photos for the time of the day and for the season. He/she should also have a plan B for bad weather (suitable indoor space for group shots)

  13. Sign contracts with your Photographer or exchange important details by email at least to cover yourself.

  14. What do you get for your money? Digital files? How many? prints? Albums?

  15. Get a receipt for any cash payments you make to them

Your wedding day is expensive and you will spend many hours and days planning it with so much love and care. Please don’t let your lasting photo memories be a regret. I hope this helps make things clearer.

If you would like to chat with me about your wedding photography needs over a cuppa please give me a shout… Natalie Jezzard – Wedding Photographer



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