Freya’s Unicorn themed 1st Birthday shoot

It seems that unicorns are trending everywhere at the moment so we jumped on that band wagon for this very special first birthday cake smash!

Natalie Jezzard_Low Rez-6090

Baby Freya turns one today and was joined by her big sister Leah during the photo shoot.

Freya is a chilled out little lady and her big sister couldn’t be more different she is wild and curious. Cautious little Freya wasn’t quite sure about making a big mess so 4 year old Leah helped her out by stamping her feet into the cake and flinging it about the place.

I was exhausted! In a good way though! like when you spend the day at a trampoline park or something. This is much more enjoyable that going to the gym and probably burns off as many if not more calories… (well i like to think hahaha). Even if i do sometimes get to eat left over cake.

Freya practised her walking/cruising during the session and played with lots of toys.

A 1st Birthday is a huge milestone for any parent, surviving that first year is sooooo hard but wonderful too. Single Mum Claire needs extra special credit for these two beautiful  little ladies, they are simply fantastic! I had a blast!

If you would like to book a shoot please get in touch here.

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