Pregnancy Photography – Be proud of your Bump!

I have always been a little bit obsessed with pregnancy. The idea of growing a life, effortlessly inside your body absolutely fascinates me. Every single element of it from the genetics right through to decking out your nursery. It’s just the most exciting time in your life and I love every bit about photographing pregnant couples & families, hearing their stories and seeing them beam with happiness.

Charlie 36 weeks pregnant near the Uffington White Horse Hill, Oxfordshire

I was extremely lucky to have got some beautiful photographs of my 35 week pregnant bump photographed by my dear friend Chen Sands.

35 Week pregnant woman having a pregnancy photo shoot in Faringdon, Oxfordshire
Me & My Bump 2014, photo credit Chen Sands


These photos are priceless to me, I will cherish them forever. Every time I look at them it warms my heart and for me this is what photography is all about! Not just a digital file that sits on your hard drive for years but stunning wall art that you love to death. Something that is BIG and decorates your home and gets compliments from by your visitors. It’s the pause button on life, a happy memory captured forever, on your wall for all to see.


Some people feel rather uncomfortable and not very photogenic during this growing period in their life but although some days you may feel bad, you are always incredible. All pregnant women are beautiful and I wish I could take photos of every one of them to make them see it through my eyes! Pregnancy is is such a blessing and a tremendous achievement for every woman/couple/family and so precious to look back on.

Triplet Mum at Faringdon Folly, Oxfordshire showing off her fabulous baby bump
Triplet Mum Leo at Faringdon Folly, Oxfordshire

So many women I meet tell me that they wish they had some beautiful photos to remember their bump but they simply did not get round to it. It breaks my heart! The purpose of my blog is to inspire you to book in for your bump shoot today. Whether you are planning a family or you already have your precious bump, let’s capture this very small moment in time that goes by too fast, no regrets.

There are many ways of photographing a blooming expectant mother…

  • A shoot at your home, boudoir style or documentary style maybe laid on your bed, relaxing on your sofa or prepping the nursery
  • Milk bath photography

    milk bath low rez
    Pregnant Milk Bath Photo Shoot with fresh flowers and aromatherapy oils
  • Private studio photos, fully clothed, semi nude covered with sheets or scarves or fully nude with elegant lighting/shadows for some coverage.    Natalie_Jezzard-2847.jpg Natalie Jezzard_Low Rez-3624.jpg Natalie_Jezzard-2777-2.jpg
  • Out on location to some beautiful seasonal spots such as Snow drops meadows in Feb, Bluebells in April and May, Rape seed fields or Poppy fields in June and July, woodland walks with wild garlic July and Aug, Autumn leaves, winter walks… the list is endless.

Natalie Jezzard_Low Rez-3595

And why not just stop there? If you would like a newborn baby photo shoot then please do get in touch with and I will pencil in your due date in the diary, newborn shoots are best under 3weeks old so it’s good to get it booked in provisionally.

Birth Photography is also an option! Non-intrusive documentary style birth photos like these.

Natalie Jezzard-0914

Natalie Jezzard-0921.jpgI am fortunate to have met many experts and advocates of women’s wellness, birth and babies over the last few years so for further recommendations please see my blog (coming soon) Supporting & Celebrating Birth, Babies & Beyond in Oxfordshire.

If you would like to book in your bump shoot with me you will  also get 20% off your newborn session fee.

For more information or to book in contact me.

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