Capturing the passing of time…and Oxfordshire bluebells!

Oxfordshire, family portrait photographer, bluebell woods, Badbury Clumps,
Oxfordshire, family portrait photographer, bluebell woods, Badbury Clumps,
Oxfordshire Bluebells at Badbury Clump

Badbury Clump, Great Coxwell, Oxfordshire.

Everyone has their ‘happy place’. That place they like to imagine in what Heaven feels like; For me I have three…

  1. Being under the sea somewhere warm, scuba diving, just me, the sound of my breath and all the fishies, just like ‘Finding Nemo’, weightless and calm and…
  2. The woods, especially filled with Spring BLUEBELLS!

Is there anything more beautiful than a woodland carpeted in the vibrant colour of wild bluebells?

It wasn’t until I got my first dog Juno that I discovered my love for long walks in the woods, I have a stunning photo of her that I have hanging in my house, she is running through the bluebells beaming from floppy ear to floppy ear with a huge stick in her mouth.

Badbury Clumps, Oxfordshire, Family Portrait Photographer, Bluebells
Badbury Clumps, Oxfordshire

Every day this picture makes me VERY happy. It takes me back instantly to the most tranquil happy place with that smiley mutt.

This is why I love photos so much! “A photograph is life’s pause button” they say, that one fleeting moment is captured now, forever beautifying my walls in my … oh yeh… THIRD happy place…

3.MY HOME (pretty important that one!)

In a flash I can jump back into that moment in the woods. *BLISS*

Every year since I was pregnant with my Daughter, I go back to take a photos at the Bluebells with her of her. Once just a bump, then a cute little sitter, then a tantrumming Peppa Piggie, then a wild Princess, and this year I will be taking a sassy, smart little girl who I will see off to school this year. *Chokes back the tears*

pet portrait, Oxfordshire Photographer, Family portrait photographer, Baby pictures, on-location photo shoot
A girls best friend


Those years with little kids just go by in a flash, everyone says it but my God it really is true. I feel like I can NEVER take enough photos of her!

I hope I never miss a year at the Bluebells with my little Girl and my four legged fur-baby.

When I’m an old lady I hope she will still take me there and I can watch my grandchildren climbing the fallen trees making bases and running along the trails in their cute welly boots.

This is my happy place, to me there is no better place to take special family photo shoots amongst the backdrop of Oxfordshire’s famous Bluebell woods.

So, this is my happiest of places, where’s yours?

If you would like to book an outdoor or studio family portrait shoot with me then please drop me a line. I’m great at chasing kids, dogs and grown ups too, my aim is to make everyone feel at ease and have a great time making memories together.

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