Vets4Pets Companion Care Conference

Yesterday I drove 1.5 hours to photograph a Vets conference. I love how this job take me to such different places and to meet all sorts of people.

I spent 12 hours photographing talks, stalls, awards etc and was treated like a Queen. The events organiser Anna-Marie Wilby made sure poor pregnant me had a nice little packed lunch & I was treated to a 3 COURSE DINNER with the other guests, i felt very honoured and the lovely ‘fuel’ meant I could keep on snapping away tons of images (A long edit awaits me now).

The best part of the night for me was finally meeting an actual ANIMAL! A gorgeous Golden Labrador called E.J who melted my heart! A lovely chap from Hounds for Heroes ( called Allen Parton told us his emotional stories of recovery and how EJ helped him. These dogs can pull you into recovery positions, call for help, save you from drowning and even know how to use your Oyster card on the Tube! They were there to get sponsorship for other dogs to support wounded servicemen/women. If you are an animal lover check out the work they do and donate, its quite amazing.

I also met the rather charming Adam Henson famous from Countryfile.

Remember if you are looking for a event photography in Oxfordshire make sure you get in touch with me – you can even follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

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