Kerry & Mark’s wedding – 13th July 2013

Wow! This was a wedding I will never forget, mainly because I have no more tears left for a whole year! These guys had been though a lot & their heart felt stories made for the best wedding speeches I have ever heard.

Both families were very welcoming, down-to-earth and most of all ROCK SOLID. Now they have joined these two families together surely these guys are now invincible!!!

Kerry & Mark met out in Turkey whilst they were both working abroad so their day had a travel theme! (I loved this!) The cake was a particular highlight.

At 6 foot-something-enormous, Mark is the big “gentle giant” type. I learnt that he was working as a children’s activities guy when they first met (aaaawwww), this along with his big cheeky grin and his many tears throughout the wedding made him instantly lovable. It was clear that he idolised Kerry and he was not afraid to show it. I know everyone says this about couples on their wedding day but they really did seem quite perfect together.

The wedding day was 33 degrees Celsius but despite the sweltering heat Kerry was as cool as a cucumber all day. (Maybe this was down to her awesome planning!!!?) Even when Kerry’s uncle, who had recently had heart surgery collapsed in the middle of the church service and had to be taken off in an ambulance these guys seemed to take it all in their stride! Nothing could ruin their special day.

During the church ordeal Mark ripped off his suit jacket and quite literally dived over the church pews to assist Uncle Roger. Part of me wishes I had some photos now I know he is ok but to be honest it was the last thing on my mind at the time. Thankfully Uncle Roger returned to the venue for the evening reception after he was discharged from hospital and was treated like a superstar! I couldn’t help but admire the guy especially as he carried on as second photographer into the evening.

Yet another happy ending to a great day.

Thank you to the Maskell’s, Edwards’s and others for a great day. I hope my pictures bring you years of fond memories.

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