Freya’s Unicorn themed 1st Birthday shoot

It seems that unicorns are trending everywhere at the moment so we jumped on that band wagon for this very special first birthday cake smash! Baby Freya turns one today and was joined by her big sister Leah during the photo shoot. Freya is a chilled out little lady and her big sister couldn’t be more different she is wild and curious. Cautious little Freya … Continue reading Freya’s Unicorn themed 1st Birthday shoot

Pregnancy Photography – Be proud of your Bump!

I have always been a little bit obsessed with pregnancy. The idea of growing a life, effortlessly inside your body absolutely fascinates me. Every single element of it from the genetics right through to decking out your nursery. It’s just the most exciting time in your life and I love every bit about photographing pregnant couples & families, hearing their stories and seeing them beam … Continue reading Pregnancy Photography – Be proud of your Bump!

SONNY after the rain – Newborn Photos

I have always looked up to my big Cousin Jono. He is always full of laughs and is an incredibly talented Musician. Jon and our Brothers used to torment me as a kid, tie me up in a sleeping bag and throw me down the stairs, but hey… it was character building and I half enjoyed it! His wife Danielle is also one of the … Continue reading SONNY after the rain – Newborn Photos

Milk Bath Photo Shoots

Why on Earth would you have a bath full of milk!? It’s damn right beautiful and really good for you that’s why! Milk baths date back to the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra.  This beauty Queen was renowned throughout history for her radiant skin and her stunning beauty and she bathed in milk flavoured with honey, lavender, or rose petals. Milk Baths are one of the … Continue reading Milk Bath Photo Shoots

Ruby’s 1st Birthday cake smash

Yesterday I got to work with the lovely Ruby Langfrey who is celebrating her 1st birthday this coming weekend. The photos will be used to remember the milestone date and decorate the birthday party. I was testing out my brand new studio space in Wantage and it worked perfectly. Heaters to keep baby lovely and warm, lots of space for toys, props, baskets, millions of fluffy … Continue reading Ruby’s 1st Birthday cake smash

Vets4Pets Companion Care Conference

Yesterday I drove 1.5 hours to photograph a Vets conference. I love how this job take me to such different places and to meet all sorts of people. I spent 12 hours photographing talks, stalls, awards etc and was treated like a Queen. The events organiser Anna-Marie Wilby made sure poor pregnant me had a nice little packed lunch & I was treated to a … Continue reading Vets4Pets Companion Care Conference